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The Central Valley, as the name implies, is a vast flat land area that encompasses a majority of the central portion of California. The Valley includes approximately 18,000 square miles and stretches about 450 miles from it north-northwest to south-southeast points. The western borders of the valley are the various coastal mountain ranges of California that cross over to the many cities and metropolitan centers on the west coast of the state, and the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountain ranges to the east. Much of the valley is used primarily for agriculture and is one of the most productive making up about half of the fruits, vegetables, and nuts grown in the country. There has been much infrastructure built throughout the region to properly irrigate the many farms, including extensive canals, aqueducts, and reservoirs to support this industry.

Real Estate in the Central Valley comprises the many farms, homesteads, and agricultural-use land that occupy the vast arable land of California. These properties make up a significant portion of the market and are a great investment for buyers looking to establish a region’s business. Residential real estate in the Central Valley is mostly centered along with the many towns and cities around the valley. Due to the large space available for development, residences in the region are primarily single-family homes that come in various designs and average home builds. Home prices are well above the national average but are relatively affordable when compared to coastal cities to the west.

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The Central Valley epitomizes the beautiful weather that California is known for worldwide. The area has beautiful natural landscapes, family-friendly towns and communities, a well-developed farming industry, and a healthy real estate market, perfect for buyers looking for a home in the region.​

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Although relatively affordable, homes in the Central Valley are still priced higher than the national average. The region being primarily agricultural does not feature the same industries and amenities further west in its coastal cities.​

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The Central Valley is a beautiful region that highlights the many innovations and developments of agriculture in California throughout the years. The valley is filled with vast farmlands that attract lots of employment opportunities and businesses that cater to the region’s thriving agricultural industry. If you’re from the coastal cities and are looking to move inland and into the valley to find more affordable communities in terms of cost of living, then you’ll find lots of good places to move into that are still within a few hours drive away of San Francisco or San Jose.

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