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Stanislaus is a beautiful Central Valley county that fully embraces the thriving agricultural industry of the region. Many of the towns and communities in the region are residential or commercial hubs that support the many farms and agribusinesses in the region. The county has a total land area of 1,515 square miles, home to over five hundred thousand residents. Stanislaus’s county seat is Modesto, which is part of the greater Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area that incorporates many of the surrounding towns and cities. Centrally located, Modesto serves as the primary business, commercial, governmental, and cultural heart of the region and features many big-city attractions and amenities available to families living in the county. 

The real estate market of Stanislaus County is centered around its county seat of Modesto and the Modesto Metropolitan Statistical Area. Modesto serves as the business, governmental, and commercial center of the region and features multiple highways that connect to the various towns and communities within the county. Real Estate within the city center will generally be higher with smaller villages on its outskirts, having relatively more affordable price ranges. Other towns and submarkets feature their own distinct market statistics and are highlighted properly through their individual pages, which you can view from our Stanislaus County Community Guide.

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Stanislaus County epitomizes country living to the fullest, encompassing large swathes of farmlands, well-developed agricultural infrastructure, beautiful mountain ranges, and expansive flat landscapes. If you're looking to move into the Central Valley, the county offers fantastic cities, towns, and communities. If you're coming from the coastal communities to the west of California, you'll find a more budget-friendly real estate market here.

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Like most other California counties, real estate prices are well above the country's average median home price. Many rural communities in Stanislaus are a stark contrast from big city living, which can be positive or negative, depending on your personal preference.

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Stanislaus County is perfect for families looking to migrate to the Central Valley to take advantage of the region’s thriving industries. The westernmost towns and cities also offer an affordable home alternative for families looking to move out of the area but still be a relatively short drive away from San Francisco or San Jose. Rural communities also provide the perfect escape for buyers looking to move out of the city and into a small-town setting.

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