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All about Celebration Florida Neighborhood

Built by The Walt Disney Corporation in the 1990s, Celebration Florida Neighborhood is a master-planned community close to Walt Disney World Resort inspired by traditional American small towns. Renowned architects such as Robert A.M. Stern was commissioned to construct the community’s public buildings. The historic district has been renovated into a walkable downtown with various housing options ranging from estate-style residences to condos and apartments, adding to the town’s already charming atmosphere. Lake Rianhard serves as the neighborhood’s focal point; numerous hiking and bicycling paths surround the lake, a farmers market, and a commercial district packed with restaurants, boutiques, and even a museum and a golf course. Celebration, often known as Disney’s Village of Celebration, is a fantastic Florida neighborhood for visitors who want to be close to all the action. Whether you now call Celebration home or consider moving there, you will always have things to do.

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The Villages

The Celebration Florida Disney community is divided into distinct neighborhoods. Choosing the most appropriate setting depends on several things. Some areas are listed below.

East Village: This community is found on the left side of Celebration Avenue shortly after leaving the city center. There are a total of 387 residences spread over a variety of housing options, such as townhomes and condos. Advantages include lower noise levels and less foot traffic. Downsides include a significant distance from the downtown area.

Roseville Corner: This compact neighborhood has only 99 houses, most of which are Bungalows. You can find it on the left side of Celebration Avenue, before the entrance to Artisan Park. The neighborhood’s peacefulness and rose bushes that gave it its name are two of its best features.

West Village: the second village, encompassed by the Celebration Golf Course and primary school. There are 95 residences, a combination of Cottages, Village Homes, and Estate Properties. Its advantages are the ease of being close to the city center, the K-8 school, and the golf course.


Things to do in Celebration Florida

There are many activities in the Celebration neighborhood Florida, whether you want to get away from the crowds or spend a whole day exploring the area. Here is a list of the few things you can do in Celebration:

Have a Wonderful Time at Disney World Resort: one of the best tourist attractions in Florida, and it’s only a few minutes away from the city. You may meet Disney characters like Cinderella, Mickey, and Minnie Mouse in this Magic Kingdom.

Find a Wildlife Paradise at Celebration Nature Trails: The Celebration Nature Trails and Lakeside Park is an excellent nature getaway if you’re searching for a tranquil location to unwind. You can take four different boardwalks to see the flora, fauna, and other natural wonders of the woods.

Visit the Great Magic Hall: a one-of-a-kind venue offering a fantastic and out-of-this-world experience, located in the heart of Kissimmee’s historic district, Old Town. Wonder at the sleights of hands and tricks performed by professional magicians.


Celebration Florida neighborhood offers you stunning properties and plenty of amenities. Check out more about the area at https://orlandofloridahomesales.com/celebration-florida-neighborhood-spotlight/.

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