Milpitas Neighborhoods

Unveiling the Diversity of Milpitas Neighborhoods

According to Wikipedia, Milpitas has a total area of 13.6 square miles. This compact yet vibrant city may not be the largest, but it’s a masterpiece home to numerous high-tech companies as part of Silicon Valley. It welcomes an innovative spirit, diverse residential areas, and an engaging community. In the Terra Serena, Luna, Parc Metro, Northwestern Milpitas, and Milford Village neighborhoods, you’ll discover a harmonious blend of contemporary architecture and modern conveniences at an average price of $1.1 million. These locales redefine comfort with inviting amenities like resort-style pools, fitness centers, and clubhouses. Venture into upscale enclaves such as Victoria Park, Calera Creek Heights, and Sunny Hills, where the most expansive lots are found, with an average cost of around $1.8 million. They are strategically positioned near many shopping and dining options, ensuring that convenience is always within reach. Despite accessibility to commercial hubs, these subdivisions also offer a reprieve from the urban bustle, providing tranquility amidst scenic landscapes. Nature enthusiasts will find solace in green spaces, where lush fields and recreational facilities abound.

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Milpitas Unified School District

At the heart of any vibrant metropolis lies its educational foundation, and in Milpitas, that foundation is the renowned Milpitas Unified School District (MUSD). It offers a holistic approach focusing on academic excellence and instilling values in every student. It operates two child development centers, ten elementary schools (K-6), two middle schools (7-8), one high school (9-12), and one adult school. They are vibrant hubs of learning, fostering creativity and critical thinking. To give context on the quality of teaching, Curtner Elementary School, Marshall Pomeroy Elementary School, Thomas Russell Middle School, and Milpitas High School boast a remarkable score of 9/10 on ratings. These are testaments to the district’s dedication to providing top-notch programs. MUSD also partners with San Jose City College to offer an extension campus, providing alternative pathways to higher education and careers. This innovative collaboration empowers high school students to attend college as early as the 11th grade. It takes pride in a community of educators, students, and parents working together to nurture a generation of thinkers, leaders, and innovators.

Safety and Serenity of Milpitas Neighborhoods

When selecting a place to establish roots, safety takes priority. Milpitas, in general, and its neighborhoods have a crime rate of less than 42% of other cities in California. According to, the violent crime rate is 13.1, significantly lower than the national average of 22.7. The area has diligently crafted a tranquil and secure atmosphere with the presence of a dedicated police department. The office ensures the law is upheld and builds strong relationships with the locals. This approach fosters a sense of partnership between law enforcement and the community, creating an atmosphere of trust and cooperation. The neighborhoods are well-designed and well-lit and often feature active watch programs encouraging residents to look out for one another. These proactive initiatives make Milpitas an ideal place to put down roots and call home.

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