Northwest Crossing Bend Homes for Sale

Discover the Charm of Northwest Crossing Bend Homes for Sale

Located on the western edge of Bend, Northwest Crossing is a distinct community known for its stunning residences. NorthWest Crossing has become a significant element of the Bend, Oregon, real estate market. It is widely regarded as a model of modern community design. Architectural integrity, environmental preservation, and a path and sidewalk system that promotes bicycling and walking work together to provide a cohesive environment for homes, businesses, schools, and parks. West Bend Property Co., the neighborhood’s developer, has combined “new urban” neighborhood integration and ecological consciousness with the charming characteristics of traditional communities, such as cozy homes, welcoming front porches, alley garages, and tree-shaded streets. Two schools, fifty acres of parks and open space, thirty acres of commercial usage, fifteen acres of mixed-use employment, and forty acres of light industrial development are all part of the 486-acre mixed-use neighborhood. Northwest Crossing Bend homes for sale are made up of multi-family and cluster cottage construction and about 1,200 single-family residential sites.


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Northwest Crossing Community

NorthWest Crossing is designed to meet many of its residents’ work, personal, and leisure needs. NorthWest Crossing is an entirely new neighborhood. Stroll around the charming residential areas and trendy shopping and dining sector. An award-winning community, NorthWest Crossing is home to more than eighty establishments. It features several distinct, walkable commercial spaces and a central gathering place for residents. NorthWest Crossing was meticulously constructed to give homeowners local conveniences, including restaurants, stores, parks, schools, and trails, following the “traditional neighborhood development” approach of neighborhood planning being adopted nationwide. The planners of NorthWest Crossing aimed to create a community where inhabitants could easily access their daily needs. In other words, running errands won’t require you to leave the neighborhood. The spacious, well-kept walkways beckon you to stroll or ride your bike about town. Some of the best restaurants and retail centers in Bend can be found in this area, and families with children and pets particularly love it.


Green Spaces All Around the Northwest Crossing Bend

A sustainable community is only complete with large green areas for residents to relax and connect with the natural environment. NorthWest Crossing is a neighborhood found on the outskirts of the Willamette National Forest. It is linked to the West Bend Trail System. It provides residents easy access to wilderness regions, and parks focused on the community. Work out in the great outdoors at Sunset View Park on the exercise equipment built next to the trail. The 2-acre Lewis and Clark Park is perfect for a family adventure. It features a rock wall, basketball court, and playground equipment suitable for children of varying ages. You may spend a pleasant summer evening watching movies under the stars at Compass Park’s annual Munch and Movies outdoor film festival. You can have a great time with your loved ones and their dogs in Discovery Park, which features an active community garden, a three-acre lake, a picnic pavilion, an off-leash dog park, and a park where dogs are allowed to run free without their owners present.


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