Simi Valley Big Sky Homes for Sale

What It’s Like to Live In A Hilltop Community: Simi Valley Big Sky Homes For Sale

Living in a hilltop community is a unique experience that offers stunning views and a peaceful, secluded lifestyle. One such neighborhood is the Simi Valley Big Sky homes for sale. This area offers residents the chance to live among rolling hills and beautiful vistas. Residents of Big Sky Homes enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, hills, and valleys, which are incredibly stunning during sunrise and sunset. Escape the stress of daily life and enjoy the tranquility of a hilltop neighborhood with Spanish-inspired homes. This master-planned community dates back to 2005 and has continued to develop over the years. It features a pool, parks, and green spaces, providing ample outdoor recreation and relaxation opportunities. The amenities promote a tight-knit community fostered through social events and community gatherings. Its dog park is a beautiful addition to play and have fun with your adorable pets.

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Getting Around Simi Valley

Despite its secluded location, Big Sky Ranch Simi Valley is near major roads and highways, making it effortless for locals to commute to work or enjoy all it offers. Simi Valley Transit, a public transportation company in Los Angeles, runs bus lines. It operates three bus routes with 146 bus stops. Their bus lines serve a region that extends from the north (Simi Valley) to the south (Chatsworth, LA), stopping at Township Avenue and Diveron Avenue, Madera Road and Los Angeles Avenue in Simi Valley, and Chatsworth Metrolink Station in Chatsworth (Chatsworth, LA). The primary thoroughfares connecting the community to the many smaller subdivisions in the neighborhood are Erringer Road and Lost Canyons Drive. It may be considered a car-dependent area, but these roads will make it convenient for residents to move around the different parts of the city.

Big Sky Park sits in the northern section of the area and provides a wealth of family-friendly attractions. Adjacent to it is Simi Dog Park, an off-leash recreation area where dogs are free to roam.

Schools In Big Sky Simi Valley

Big Sky Simi Valley is home to several high-quality educational institutions. The schools offer a range of high-quality educational options for students of all ages, from elementary to high school. Atherwood Elementary School shares its commitment to providing a supportive and engaging learning environment for students in grades K-5. They focus on creativity and critical thinking to prepare students for future academic success. Valley View Middle School is a top-rated institution with a challenging curriculum for students in grades 6-8. They emphasize hands-on learning experiences so your children can develop essential skills for the next level. Apollo High School is a highly regarded institution serving students in grades 9-12. They take pride in advanced placement courses providing a well-rounded education.

Whether you’re looking for a solid academic foundation or a supportive environment to help students succeed, you’ll find it in the community of Simi Valley Big Sky homes for sale.

Explore the prime location of Simi Valley Big Sky Homes for sale and discover the hilltop lifestyle. Visit for more information.

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