Tuscany Westlake Village, CA

Tuscany Westlake Village CA: Beautiful and Vibrant Community

Deauville and Tuscany’s beautiful and vibrant cul-de-sac neighborhoods are situated in the western part of Moorpark, California. There are many old trees and well-kept green spaces in Tuscany and Deauville. The paved walkways are perfect for a stroll around the neighborhoods, and the roads are well-maintained. Because there are several green spaces spread throughout both areas, they both emanate an excellent suburban appeal. Homes are magnificently constructed, and the houses’ distinctive, consistent arrangement and style enhance both neighborhoods’ remarkable appeal. Deauville and Tuscany Westlake Village, CA, give families a lovely and peaceful way of life. The charming towns of Deauville and Tuscany are not just beautiful because of their natural surroundings. The communities also have great homes that have been properly constructed and are furnished in a range of architectural styles, such as but not limited to layouts that are contemporary, modern, Mediterranean, and traditional.

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Tuscany Westlake Village Highlights

Family-friendly neighborhoods like Tuscany and Deauville are placed near top educational institutions. Arroyo West Elementary School, Courtney Herring Voice, Mountain Meadows School, and Moorpark High School are just some of the schools close to the communities. From this vast range of options, families may pick the one they believe will best give their children the high-quality education they need. In addition to its excellent local attractiveness, Deauville and Tuscany provide residents with a wide range of recreational options. Both communities are close to several kid-friendly playgrounds, top-notch restaurants, and practical shopping establishments across Moorpark. Residents now have simple access whether they’re traveling for a short family vacation or running errands regularly.

Real Estate with its Great Location

Homes built in the Tuscany area are priced between $790,000 and $1.26 million, while those supplied by Deauville are frequently valued from $200,000 to $1.37 million. In the homes of Deauville and Tuscany, contemporary, modern, Mediterranean, and traditional architecture are among the most popular styles. Deauville and Tuscany are two cul-de-sac neighborhoods hidden away in the beautiful Californian city of Moorpark. The Tierra Rejada Road, which also serves as the neighborhood entrance from the east, is the primary artery that runs through the region. Country Hill Road, which connects Tuscany and Deauville, forms the border between the two communities. Country Trail Park, Vons, and Surf Boba, all nearby sights, can be located south of the villages along Mountain Trail Street.

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