Homes for Sale in Columbia, Tusculum

The Historic Neighborhood and Homes for Sale in Columbia, Tusculum

The Columbia Tusculum neighborhood in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a lively and historic residential community. It was founded in 1788 and is located at the confluence of the Little Miami River Valley and the Ohio River Valley. Homes for sale in Columbia Tusculum are well-liked among families and young professionals looking for a charming community. There is a nice mix of antique Victorian houses and several modern infill residences among the available properties in the Columbia Tusculum neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The picturesque neighborhood of Columbia Tusculum has a magnificent hilly landscape, providing the area with expansive and remarkable vistas of the city, adjacent roofs, and the great Ohio River, one of the area’s most endearing features. It is a community easily accessible on foot and has a “downtown” with cafes, restaurants, fitness centers, and other local businesses. The neighborhood’s residents can conveniently access several recreational sites and establishments, such as Alm’s Park, Irish Heritage Center, LeBlond Recreation Center, Larz Anderson Park, Schmidt Fields, and The Carnegie Center. Those who enjoy being around many historic structures will savor the opportunity to visit Columbia Tusculum, home to some iconic historical sites.

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More About the Neighborhood

The classic Victorian Painted Ladies of Cincinnati, Ohio
Rows of homes are painted in various vivid hues. The Painted Ladies of Cincinnati is a well-known landmark and tourist attraction. These dwellings use at least three different paint colors to draw attention to the various architectural details. You’ll discover a collection of stunning Queen City Victorian homes at the corner of Tusculum Avenue and Sachem Avenue. Each house has been given its one-of-a-kind combination of bright colors, resulting in a vibrant and upbeat environment.

The Stephen Decker Rowhouse
One of the property’s most noticeable characteristics is the design seen on the porch roofs. They feature gabled rooflines and beveled edges supported by spindles. Their primary purpose is to offer shade for the recessed doorway into the residences; the low-standard ceilings serve as connectors for the porch roofs. Imbricated shingles on the roofs, Double-hung windows, Gothic Revival woodwork in the aisles, and numerous ornamental circles etched within squares may be found in other parts of the dwellings. It is a two-story building with a frame structure on each level. It was recognized as deserving of a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979.

Real Estate Facts About Columbia, Tusculum Homes for Sale

  • The Columbia Tusculum, Cincinnati residential houses have asking prices ranging from $121,000 to $1,411,000.
  • Homes currently for sale on the market often include floor plans with two to six bedrooms and one to four bathrooms.
  • Beautiful residences in Columbia Tusculum feature a variety of eye-catching architectural styles, such as traditional, Victorian, and Contemporary architecture.
  • These dwellings typically come with adequate living space and range from 1,320 sqft. to 3,600 sqft.
  • Several residential properties in Columbia Tusculum have been constructed on lots ranging in size from 0.5 acres to 0.13 acres.

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