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Yestercades Westfield: Safe and Enjoyable Experience

Westfield’s Yestercades are at 151 East Broad Street. Ken Kalada, the owner, wants everyone to be notified that they are open and prepared for players to enjoy a secure and clean video game experience. With a 25% capacity, extensive sanitation measures, and entryway temperature checks, Yestercades Westfield reopened on July 2! While this neighborhood arcade has always taken pride in keeping the space clean, Ken has made sure that all of his locations comply with the COVID-19 sterilization standards, how the COVID-19 sanitation requirements are being adhered to, and how you can be confident that your experience will be both safe and enjoyable. This well-liked neighborhood arcade in Westfield, New Jersey, welcomes gamers of all ages back to experience the “Golden Age” of gaming with 130 arcade games, six flat-screen TVs, a rear-projection TV with both contemporary and vintage game consoles, pinball machines, air hockey, as well pool tables.

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All you need to know about Ken Kalada, the owner of Yestercades

I reside a half-mile from my childhood home in Lincroft, New Jersey. Having a business has always run in my family. I worked with my father from the time I was 11 years old until he sold the independent pharmacy he operated in Sea Bright in 2004. Working alongside him in that setting taught me the value of providing excellent customer service and how to put many of your problems aside once you go to work. There is always something to do, which is one of my favorite things about my neighborhood. Fortunately, the Jersey Shore, NYC, Philadelphia, Atlantic City, and even Ski Country are all within easy driving distance of where we live. My hometown of Lincroft has always been a hot and welcoming place. There is nowhere better for me to grow up than here.

Yestercades Westfield Highlights

Since I was a young child, I had always wanted to do it. I was attracted by arcades when I was younger, which had vanished mainly when I built my first location. Due to the solid nostalgic appeal, others would find them as enjoyable as I did. The arcade would transport visitors to a more carefree period of their life when they had fewer duties. The choices for entertainment offered by Yestercades are incomparable to those found at home. We provide a distinctive experience that would be difficult to duplicate at home, from playing on an actual arcade cabinet with your friends or family to being in a real-world setting. From the earliest Atari 2600 to the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch of the present, we have a wide variety of gaming consoles available on our couches. We take pride in having a sizable library.

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