Restaurants in Foley, AL

Overview of the Best Restaurants in Foley, AL

Like many other southern states, Alabama is well-known for its barbecue. The state’s barbecue tradition is deeply rooted in its history and culture, with various regional styles and techniques that have evolved over time. The state is also known for its distinctive White BBQ Sauce, creating a unique dining experience for everyone. Foley recognizes that the secret to a great dining experience is a combination of wonderful meals, comforting Southern hospitality, and captivating scenarios. The city’s commitment to providing a memorable dining experience is reflected in its use of fresh, locally sourced ingredients and its attention to detail in creating a homey and inviting atmosphere for every guest to enjoy. Restaurants in Foley, AL, have many dining options to suit any budget, offering everything from authentic Southern grill to the state’s famous local seafood. If you are traveling to Foley soon, you should definitely prepare your taste buds for a delightful culinary experience!


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More to Discover at Downtown Foley, AL

Downtown Foley is harnessing its importance as a noteworthy destination where visitors can enjoy a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options while experiencing the charm of small-town Alabama. The downtown area is where coastal Alabama’s rich past and cherished memories blend in with the dynamic vibe of a modern metropolis. From the historic architecture to the bustling nightlife, Downtown Foley offers a unique experience for visitors and locals, catering to those interested in exploring museums or for people who love trying out new restaurants. Some of the locals’ favorite restaurants in Foley, AL, include Copper Kettle Tea Bar, Doc Holliday’s, Drowsy Poet, Mama Bear’s Bakery, Portabella’s, Wacked Out Weiner, and Yabbas Wacky Snack Shack. These dining facilities offer an extensive menu of mouth-watering food and refreshing drink options that cater to different tastes and preferences, making them perfect for locals and visitors who want to experience the local cuisine. Don’t miss out on the chance to try these popular spots when you’re in the area!


Growing Culinary Scene: New Restaurants in Foley, AL

Foley isn’t just another stop along the way to the pristine white sands of Alabama’s coast. It has emerged as a tourist hotspot thanks to the growth of its tourism with new businesses and an ever-expanding dining scene. Here are some of the new restaurants to try in Foley, AL:

  • The Big Potato Company provides an assortment of potato garnishes, from bacon and cheddar to lobster and Japanese crab. If potatoes aren’t your thing, you can choose from different sandwiches, such as pulled pork or a BLT on sourdough with pimento cheese. You can find them at 3105 South McKenzie St.
  • Valerio’s Pizza and Italian provides excellent service and many healthy options, such as salads, paninis, pasta, and pizza baked in a stone oven. Guests are welcome to stop by and purchase a bottle of beer or wine to take with them to enjoy in Downtown OWA; all you have to do is ask for an entertainment cup! Guests can visit them at 100-F South OWA Blvd.


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