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Unveiling the Magic of San Mateo Fair: A Timeless Celebration

The San Mateo County Fair has a storied past. It commenced in the late 1800s as the San Mateo County Horse Show and Fair. This fair allowed local farmers to present their ideas and techniques. Over time, it progressed to encompass carnival rides, events, and big-name performances. Even today, the fair keeps advancing with modern technologies, such as interactive exhibits. The fair has become a beloved part of tradition for people of the community. It provides local small businesses, farmers, artists, and entertainers a platform to feature their products and services. People can also be educated on topics such as conservation and agriculture. It is an excellent chance for the community to unite, strengthening their ties. It’s a moment to celebrate the San Mateo County lifestyle and share its character and soul with the world. Read on to find out exactly what The San Mateo Fair offers locals and visitors.


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San Mateo County Fair Activities

Going to the fair is a family affair. There are numerous activities for kids and adults to enjoy. Here’s a selection of the most anticipated things to do at the annual event.

  • San Mateo County Fair Farm: Visit the barn to see animals raised by local San Mateo County farmers, entered by 4-H participants and Future Farmers of America.
  • Magic Shows: Catch a performance by magicians like Roberto the Magnificent and Louie Foxx. They perform unique acts that have captivated audiences for years.
  • Family Fun Zone: Head over to the Family Game Zone, where people can play games together. Enjoy the classic Corn Hole, Life Size Chess and Checkers, and Classic Ring Toss.
  • All-Alaskan Racing Pigs: The All-Alaskan Pig Race is an exciting show for audiences of all ages! It includes engaging audience participation, stimulating pig trivia, lively pig cheerleaders, and great prizes for victorious cheerleaders.
  • Sky River Butterflies: Spend a delightful day admiring the captivating beauty of butterflies, capture the moment with photographs, and gain insights about their incredible life cycle.


Reminders For Attending

Taking advantage of the summer season by attending the San Mateo Fair can be a great bonding opportunity for friends and family. You’ll find live entertainment, unique food options, educational exhibits, and even livestock. But it’s important to remember some reminders and tips to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Plan your transportation ahead of time– The fair provides directions to its parking lot on its website, but public transportation options are also available.
  • Keep an eye on your belongings– Misplacing or losing items is easy with large crowds and busy attractions. Consider using a fanny pack or crossbody bag to keep your hands free and your belongings secure.
  • Stay hydrated and wear sunscreen– In summer, drinking enough fluids and applying sunscreen are crucial for protecting yourself from heat and UV radiation.
  • Follow COVID-19 safety guidelines– As of 2023, safety protocols may still be in place to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. Be sure to check the fair’s website or local news for updates on safety guidelines.

These simple guidelines ensure a safe and fun time at the San Mateo County Fair.


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